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Reset Program




Reset Program

Our 3 Week Pilates Reset Program could be just the start you're looking for! You will stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles with Classical Pilates, discover a new and healthy way of eating and bring a healthy glow to your skin with herbal botanicals.  Check the next start date  and pick up your reset diet, super-foods and botanicals o the first day. After that, you can book your classes any time. If you have questions during your  program, just call us.
We'd be happy to talk nutrition, motivate and help you in feeling fabulous.
3 Week Pilates Reset Program: $299


You'll receive a special reset eating program designed by Whole Body Method Founder Nigel Sampson. This plan consists of gradually eliminating certain foods such as wheat, alcohol and sugars. 

You'll receive our Groovy Green Goat Superfood powder with ingredients including hemp, spirulina & ayurvedic herbs (turmeric, cinnamon & fennel).


You'll receive 9 Pilates Classes.  

Book any 3 class per week on the schedule. We recommend you book a variety of Pilates classes and get that extra calorie burn in either our Pilates and Jump-board or Whole Body Row class.  


You'll receive a Clay Face-Mask to enliven and remove impurities from your face, a Natural Fiber Washcloth to refresh your skin, an Organic charcoal cleansing soap & herbal bath salts to relax your mind and spirit.

Reset & Cleanse Diet Only

Looking for more energy, clarity, better skin and to feel more alive? Purchase the Reset & Cleanse Diet Only, You will receive 1) The Reset & Cleanse Diet  2) Groovy Green Goat Super-food 3) Herbal Botanicals for face and body. The Reset and Cleanse Diet is a 3 week simple & effective food elimination & skin rejuvenation program. This program will beautify your body from the inside/out. Pick up in studio. We can also ship. For shipping option, purchase through our online store.

Reset & Cleanse Diet Only: $109